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Learn all about Blooming Gardens
which is an established garden
maintenance company providing
regular garden maintenance
services to all Inner Auckland
suburbs for the last 25 years.

We specialize in cost effect garden makeovers for all property in Auckland. Specialists in rose care, formal hedge trimming, landscaping, paving and garden make-overs.

1.Blooming Gardens perform the installation of the garden or landscape/makeover
2.We follow up with a strong regular garden maintenance service if needed, so you dont have to!
3.We also install vegetable gardens and offer advice on fruit tree planting and care
4.Blooming Gardens works with property management companies, real-estate companies and a variety of commercial clients

5.We specialize in make-overs for properties prior to selling with excellent results
6.We service body corporate properties and commercial property garden
7.Blooming Gardens can create a garden from scratch without a plan for a bare-site

If the desire to achieve what you want is above budget Blooming Gardens will work with you to create a comprehensive budget tailored to your needs.

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If you are planning to put your house on the market , a garden clean-up and also a small garden makeover provides instant results to create a polished look to the outside of your house . WE specialise in garden clean-ups and garden makeovers for the house on the market appeal.

We do not over capitalise but we do know what the prospective buyer will notice in your garden I.e., clean and tidy edges, a variety of colour to improve dull areas, shaped plants and trees , maybe some extra plants, a good covering of garden mulch which acts like a new carpet to keep weeds down and provides a great new look . And last but not least a great lawn, or new lawn, mown and with sharp tidy edges. This removes the effort of presentation in regards to your outside areas. Design Service /Designing via a plan provided A design is needed to complete a new landscape

WE can provide a landscape design plan to suit your needs; our design service is priced according to the size and scale of the job. A budget is necessary to outline the scale of the job. Thus the plan fits your garden needs and requirement. The plan can then be used to price the landscape job for all materials and plants A good plan allows pricing to be clearly understood and shows the process that is involved re a hard landscaping project or a soft landscaping project The plan can cover the whole site (a site plan is useful in this process) from earthworks to timber and paving works, to new gardens and a new lawn

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