Garden Maintenance

Blooming Gardens employ qualified
horticulturalists who work on
our Garden Maintenance service.

A neglected garden is a sorry sight. It affects the look of your house and your driveway creating a unsightly mess. Tidying your garden is a labour force job and we have great gardeners who know the difference between a plant and a weed. This is very important when working a garden tidy up, you do not want your favourite rose or gardenia taken out amongst the weeds, what about those bulbs that get accidentally hauled out amongst the mess. Blooming Gardens carefully select the weeds and overgrowth from plants that should be kept and return the garden to a tidy state. We can offer a regular garden maintenance service or one-off makeovers and tidy-up visits.

Our annual garden maintenance contracts provide you with the peace of mind to leave the responsibility of the garden to us. The contracts are fully detailed so you can be assured of what is included/not included with your contract. All contracts will include a visit by Karen, Dean and the team to provide you with advice on how we can improve/develop your garden.
Waste Removal

  • We use our large trucks to carry all our waste that we create onsite to the tip.

  • Tip fees are costed out on the weight, height and girth of waste created on the job.

  • Our regular garden maintenance is priced to absorb the cost or waste removal as a package price.
  • Providing Garden Maintenance
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    Mulching and or Barking

  • Ground covering provides the neat and tidy finish to all gardens

  • Barking and or Mulching reduces the growth of weeds and the evaporation of water

  • Can also provide garden maintenance on this service

  • Thus reduced watering in the summer months
    We highly recommend and provide a good quality mulch as that final cover to your garden cleanup / makeover and or new landscape.
    AS part of all our garden recommendations to reduce garden maintenance timeframes we alsways recommend the use of mulch over the top of your garden and suggest it be reapplied on a yearly basis to keep those weeds away and keep moisture in during the hottest season

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