Garden Make Overs

Check out our range of Garden
Make overs. You don’t need
a whole new garden, it
just needs a face-lift!

At Blooming Gardens we can redesign your existing garden beds according to your budget.

Our Garden make overs service is perfect if you want to:

  • Give it “year-round” freshness and life

  • Add a small vegetable garden or some herbs

  • Update the plants

  • Prepare your home for resale

  • Refresh the colour theme

  • Garden make overs are a complete overhaul of your messy garden
    It involves a site meeting to establish your garden needs.
    Step 1. Involves a general garden clean-up which has been carefully set out .
    Step 2. is the makeover which can involve the addition of new soil, the addition of new plants and trees, and or we can often use some of your existing landscape to provide the backdrop to the new garden makeover whilst adding additional plants and trees or simply simplifying the garden re the new planting. The final layer of garden mulch is always to keep the new garden in a low maintenance position.
    Garden make overs are a simple way to redo or top dress an existing landscape .You don’t have to remove the backbone of your garden (your existing landscape) you can always improve the garden by adding fresh new plants, and trees, always adding fresh mulch which contains the nutrients for feeding and the provides the cover to prevent the re-emergence of weeds whilst your new garden or existing garden grows. Mulch hold moisture for summer months and prevents too much rain (sodden soil) entering the soil in the winter months.
    We see many gardens showing their age – they no longer compliment the home. They’ve lost the warmth and inviting feel.
    They now look tired, overgrown and dated. In poor condition, they turn off would-be buyers and create a “less than inviting” feel to your home

    We Lay New Lawns

    Laying new lawns gives such a wonderful, instant appeal. It creates a newly groomed property.
    Lawns can be difficult care for but under our care we can bring them back to life, or replace them with a lovely new lawn. Ready lawn, or instant turf has proven to be as cost efficient to lay as a sown lawn. Laying lawns is all about the preparation; get the lawn right the first time and then watch the lawn grow.
    New lawns can be laid all year around if you are using instant turf. Blooming Gardens do help you to maintain the lawn by giving instruction on after care so that you can feel confident with the management of your new lawn or we can provide lawn care as a service ongoing by making sure weeds do not emerge.
    The removal of weeds in a lawn again is a process that requires expert advice and care which we can provide with our in house lawn care contractor
    Urban turf

  • We can lay Urban /synthetic turf

  • We use a NZ owned and operated brand

  • The advantage of synthetic surfaces.
  • Suitable for all sorts of bases whether concrete, wood or earth

  • Perfect for our kiwi climate

  • Drains and wears better than natural grass

  • Pet and child friendly

  • Looks and feels great, easy to clean ,eliminated grass clippings and dirt
  • Reduces allergy triggers
  • Want to have your dream garden?
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